AI models for Examining
multilingual disinformation narratives and Understanding their spread

Developing AI models to help journalists and fact-checkers debunk multilingual disinformation

ExU is a research project funded by the European Media and Information Fund.

By developing AI tools to track disinformation narratives across languages, ExU aims to assist journalists and fact-checkers in helping and countering disinformation.

With a user-centric evaluation process, ExU will develop tools supporting over 20 languages and integrate them with existing disinformation platforms.


Explore techniques that can work across language families used in Europe and beyond. 


Create tools with clear and understandable outputs.


Working with journalists and fact-checkers to ensure tools follow best practices. 

ExU is a collaboration between the University of Sheffield Department of Computer Science and the Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies, two world-leading research institutions specialising in natural language processing.